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"Uh, can somebody please explain to me why im doing this again?"

When the business began talking about planning the development of an officer web portal, I left that meeting wondering, why? This officer web portal idea has floated around before but was quickly dismissed. So what's changed?, where is the value? why now?

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I began my discovery phase by identifying who all I needed information from and then scheduling QA interviews. I 

  • Identify and schedule QA interviews with all personnel I need information from

  • Identify our competitors and highlight their strengths and weaknesses 

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What I learned from my research

I identified our top competitors and  made notes of their strengths and weaknesses


Investors are threatening to stop resourcing because the business hasn't been generating revenue as expected.

The business is not be able to onboard certain LEA's because we dont have a web based version of the mobile app. They will only onboard if we have one.

*The business wants a product that has a refreshed look and feel

LEA's with large staff has to manage more jobs and the mobile app limits them from seeing more information. Officers also say that the mobile app puts more of a hazard to the officers who work in patrol cars. They don't want to have to use their phones while driving.


Create an appealing  product that satisfies the needs and wants of it's primary users. Get with the business and create a sales and marketing strategy to convert LEA's to our platform to generate more revenue which will put our investors at ease and continue to provide funding.

Design strategy

I was given the freedom to create a product from scratch however, the business wanted me to make sure I stayed within the company's branding guidelines such as our colors and logos being consistent.

I wanted to keep my designs within the branding guidelines as well as create a product that will be similar to our other products so users wont have to learn new behaviors and struggle locating items within the platform. I referenced our mobile app.


I gathered screenshots from Dribble Behance and Google search results to get inspiration for potential design layouts.

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